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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“Tax breaks”
Viki Lastrina Beach lover
“Not familiar with DE”
ANTHONY CREWS 65, single, disable veteran try to relocate to DE.
“small towns, beaches”
elizabeth callanan beach lover
“low cost to live & taxes”
scott retired
“ I love watching my kids grow up loving and learning about the ocean -- playing beach soccer, finding sand crabs with their cousins, and making shell necklaces -- memories they will never forget. ”
Kathleen Schell beach mom
“ The best thing about Delaware is the people – the beach brings out the kid in everyone. ”
Debby Coughlan Lover of Laughter
“Looking for nice place to move, currently living in New York's Hudson Valley!”
Jorge Olivari Love to go bicycle riding
“Low taxes, warmer weather, ocean”
Margaret Cavallo Beach lover
“Beaches, location”
Joan Beach lover
“I love driving down Rehoboth Avenue on a Friday night in the summer... the great smells from some of the best restaurants around, the fun. Delaware is truly a Small Wonder. And I am certainly glad my family and I live here to experience it. You should too.”
Mark Leishear Marketing Guy and Entrepreneur
“The blend of diversity and proximity of entertainment. The best health care to fit my needs are at hand.”
Judith A Abernathy I am exhausted by extreme temperatures.
“Been coming down to DE for years. It has so much to offer. Beautiful clean beaches, fabulous restaurants, quaint towns, fantastic shopping, beautiful year round temps for change of season fun. Numerous festivals year round. We now have owned our home here for 6 years and still feel as we are on vacation everyday! I HEART DE !!!”
Ann Retired Beachlovin PA transplant.
Mirna Rucci None
“I was born in Millsboro and grew up on the Indian River. My play ground was the Rehoboth Bay and area beaches, such as Fenwick Island, Bethany and Rehoboth. Sand, salt air and the smell of a marsh are part of me. Visits to the mountains are beautiful, but coming home smells of the river and beach air is home. Delaware !”
Bruce Carmine I love living near the river.
“ I love the way the shore lifestyle can transform someone from a "Battle-Hardened", corporatized tough-guy to a fun-loving, deep-breath taking, and enjoyable person who takes pride in calling everyone they meet by their first name! The Ocean has that affect on people! ”
Dan Kauffman Army Vet from Northern Virginia
“ Golf on one of many Championship golf courses, followed by beautiful beaches then dinner in one of our many wonderful restaurants... not a bad day! There are so many different things to do that everyday could be like a vacation. ”
Brian Barrows Local
“ Very tough to choose just one. I love taking Kai, my Golden Retriever, to the Cape Henlopen State Park beach and letting her play in the ocean and sand. Especially in the winter you'll get those warm spells and most of the time we're the only people in sight. ”
Josh Hay Beach Bum
“ I love jogging in the State Parks in Delaware. There are some great trails in the Cape Henlopen State Park for runners. There's also the Junction and Breakwater trail between Lewes and Rehoboth that is beautiful and soft on the knees. My favorite is the running trail around Gordon's Pond in North Rehoboth. It's absolutely amazing back there. ”
Chris Schell Local
“ Love the beach. ”
John Fischer Planing to retire in Lewes
“ No taxes! ”
Dan McGonigle Retiree