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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“I love driving down Rehoboth Avenue on a Friday night in the summer... the great smells from some of the best restaurants around, the fun. Delaware is truly a Small Wonder. And I am certainly glad my family and I live here to experience it. You should too.”
Mark Leishear Marketing Guy and Entrepreneur
“ When I left Baltimore, I could not imagine living anywhere other than Lower Delaware. I love the beach lifestyle, the outstanding dining, and being away from the hype of city life. It does not get any better than driving over the Indian River Inlet bridge seeing the surfers at sunset! I am living my dream. ”
Kathy Davison Baltimore Transplant
“I love everything about de its peaceful n I love the water looking for my dream place for life”
kenneth parker looking for my dream place in de
“Tax free shopping and the water.”
Hildegard looking to move to Delaware
“ I love fishing and the Delaware beaches. ”
George Price Delaware visitor
“The quiet friendly community life and the fresh air”
Rampyearie A visitor
“My son lives in Georgetown, Deleware”
Gayle Powell indoor pool swimmer
“Ocean views and bumming around”
James Beach bum
“ Low taxes.... Nice weather! ”
Bob Fox Indy Homeowner
“property taxes are lowr”
marlem tomasulo retired teacher
“ I can hear the seagulls when I work and I am never more than 10 minutes from water. ”
Susan Pomerantz 10-year Delawarean
“My Mom is moving down!”
Sue Resident
“Low taxes, warmer weather, ocean”
Margaret Cavallo Beach lover
“Tax breaks”
Viki Lastrina Beach lover
“ I love the ocean, the seafood, the drinks, the tax-free shopping, the boardwalk smell outside your door steps, the running parks, the year-round locals feeling... the everything! ”
Michelle Capaldi Forever Delawarian Beach Girl
“It is a Beautiful place. The city is full of tall buildings but there are so many hills and lovely streams. Rehobeth Beach is one of my favorite places to visit. People are so friendly and there is so much to do and see. Driving throughout the area is a favorite thing. Stopping and exploring is fun to do. Never knew I would enjoy visiting Delaware as much as I did. I am ready to go for another visit and stay.”
Rhona Creel Davis Beach Walker.....I love swimming and living on the beach. Looking out over the water is so soothing and relaxing and so very peaceful and inspiring.
“We are looking to relocate. And we have always liked Delware”
Sandra Littzi Retired
“low property taxes, affordable holmes, low social security tax. etc”
michael cmielewski 58 year old looking at retiring in delaware
“ I grew up on the Oregon Coast and have been in Delaware for 3 years now. I LOVE that I can lay and swim on the beach without a wet suit or a hoodie! The weather here is always beautiful and the beaches are gorgeous! Everyone is so friendly and there is so much to do! The food, the shopping, the local events... I love living here at the beach! ”
Jordan Gorsch West Coastie who moved to DE
“ Meeting the chickens that lay my eggs at Dawn's Place. Farmer's markets. $15 off season dinner specials. No traffic on the back roads (shhh!). The town of Lewes, the town of Milton, Que Pasa, the Buttery, fishing, the boardwalk at Rehoboth, Big Fish Grill, no sales tax, no personal property tax, inspection and registration process at DMV. Being here instead of having to come here. ”
David Transplant from Northern Virginia