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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“Tax breaks”
Viki Lastrina Beach lover
“We left the DC metro area after nine years to return to my wife's home state. Our main reason was to improve the quality of life for our young kids as they grow up. I could not imagine how overwhelmingly happy we could be with our move. We left a place on a map and moved to a community. We love the people, the beach, the state parks, the thriving restaurant scene... There isn't enough room on this page to cover the bases. We're close enough to DC/Baltimore/Philly but far enough from the craziness. Without a doubt, we cannot imagine a better place to be.”
Phil Hagen Very fortunate DE transplant
Mirna Rucci None
“Like being able to talk walks on sidewalks and be able to walk to a café, not too far from beach and dog friendly area. Considering retiring in a couple of years.”
MARY ANNE JORAY looking for warmer climate, less snow than Connecticut
“ Golf on one of many Championship golf courses, followed by beautiful beaches then dinner in one of our many wonderful restaurants... not a bad day! There are so many different things to do that everyday could be like a vacation. ”
Brian Barrows Local
“Low taxes”
Werner Bantin Ocean Loverl
“tax benefits for retirees”
Joanne Evans I love the beach
“I don’t know”
Ann O’Neill Outdoor water person
“like lower tax and is affordable to live comfortable”
Joe Pierro beach person
“ The pace of life. As I travel FROM the Wash beltway across the Bay Bridge, I get to the top of the bridge, see the eastern shore and take a big sigh of relief! I know I'll be home (Ocean View) in 1 1/2 hours. Sweet. ”
Jeff Bond transplant from Bethesda, MD since 1993
“The people are helpful and pleasant And so very nice and cheerful!!”
Lorraine Maass My son lives in Claymont DE.
“it is the first state”
john dozier I love the beach
“ I love the water! ”
Susan Attia Water lover
“I don't know much right now I'll have to bone up, online.”
Ed Beach lover!
“No sales tax ,less crowds at south eastern beaches. I am looking for a bldg lot or home near the water or on a lagoon.I have a 24 foot Grady white fishing boat so I would like to be on a canal a few minutes from the ocean”
Randall Vickery New Jersey shore rat
“We are looking to relocate. And we have always liked Delware”
Sandra Littzi Retired
“beach fishing”
Bob Holsberger disabled vet who loves to fish
“Looking for suggestions on where to retire in Delaware and more about the tax ramifications. Re: Social security and pension withdrawals. No State tax but still taxed by the Feds? If I buy a retirement home is there any real estate taxes on the purchase or yearly property taxes after that?Thank you.”
Ed Some who will retire in the next year. 64 now, Divorced W/M
“The neighborhood and tax free state.”
George Voelpel New Yorker looking to retire
“ I can't think of ONE thing I love about DE. There are way too many!!! I love the small town atmosphere of living at the beach, knowing everyone, the beach, the walking, the biking, the golf, the kayaking, the food, the people, and did I mention the food??? I wake up and say "just pinch me, this is too good!!!" ”
Ann Cunningham back in DE