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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“I have traveled a great deal in this country and internationally - and each time I am glad when I see the Delaware sign indicating I am home. Opportunities to be active in volunteerism abound. My favorite is the Delaware Lions. They work hard to provide sight and hearing equipment, testing and research for the people of the world.”
Mary Lee Phillips Delaware native
“I love everything about de its peaceful n I love the water looking for my dream place for life”
kenneth parker looking for my dream place in de
“After retirement, you have to start doing things for yourself and I can say that moving to Delaware is one of the best things I’ve ever done – for me. In our community, we celebrate everything for everybody: birthdays, anniversaries, or hey, it’s Tuesday, let’s get together. I’ve made a whole family of friends here.”
Lynn Blaney Independence homeowner
“low taxes”
steven m giberson i am a beach lover
“tax benefits for retirees”
Joanne Evans I love the beach
“ Coastal Delaware has an indescribable uniqueness not found anywhere else. I know, I've looked elsewhere and my heart always returns to Lewes and Rehoboth. Quaint scenery, sense of place, great people, and a vibrant resort-scene. What more could you want? ”
Bill Skelton Displaced local longing for home
“When I was a child I spent time with family in Delaware, came back with my family for Indian Pow Wow(my family Hist) Came back to Dover AFB after tour in Golf War 1991. Love The Beach, my wife is gone but she shared my dreams of retireing on the beach. Love to find someplace to rent, and enjoy the sand and water in Delaware.”
Edward Smith beach lover, water watcher, love to lay in the sand
“Where do I start? Fresh air, clean waterways, beautiful sunsets, lovely communities, clean...did I say clean?”
Sue Been here for years!
“We left the DC metro area after nine years to return to my wife's home state. Our main reason was to improve the quality of life for our young kids as they grow up. I could not imagine how overwhelmingly happy we could be with our move. We left a place on a map and moved to a community. We love the people, the beach, the state parks, the thriving restaurant scene... There isn't enough room on this page to cover the bases. We're close enough to DC/Baltimore/Philly but far enough from the craziness. Without a doubt, we cannot imagine a better place to be.”
Phil Hagen Very fortunate DE transplant
“low property taxes, affordable holmes, low social security tax. etc”
michael cmielewski 58 year old looking at retiring in delaware
Patricia zaniewski Never been there
“ There is no other place that you can enjoy the beach and bay, tax free shopping, seafood, wonderful weather, great entertainment, and beautiful people. Only the Delaware beaches! I have never experienced so many different types of people love and respect each other; it's Delaware living. Heather Knowles-Loving Life ”
Heather Knowles Delaware native
“ I love jogging in the State Parks in Delaware. There are some great trails in the Cape Henlopen State Park for runners. There's also the Junction and Breakwater trail between Lewes and Rehoboth that is beautiful and soft on the knees. My favorite is the running trail around Gordon's Pond in North Rehoboth. It's absolutely amazing back there. ”
Chris Schell Local
“ Last week my husband and I went to Dover for 2 days and stayed at the Dover Downs Hotel. We absolutely loved it. That was our first time in Delaware. And let me say that although I am not ready to retire, when the time comes, Delaware will be my first consideration! ”
Deb Visitor to Delaware from Northern VA
“Like being able to talk walks on sidewalks and be able to walk to a café, not too far from beach and dog friendly area. Considering retiring in a couple of years.”
MARY ANNE JORAY looking for warmer climate, less snow than Connecticut
“ There is so much that I love about living here. One of my favorite things to do here is head south to Dewey Beach (Tower Road) in the late afternoon with friends and enjoy the afternoon breeze on the bay. The sunsets are spectacular there. It's the perfect place for a late afternoon cookout and happy hour. ”
Christina Harvey Lover of sunsets
“small towns, beaches”
elizabeth callanan beach lover
“My Mom is moving down!”
Sue Resident
Mirna Rucci None
“I visit family in Bear.”
Nancy Shaw Love the beach