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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“No sales tax ,less crowds at south eastern beaches. I am looking for a bldg lot or home near the water or on a lagoon.I have a 24 foot Grady white fishing boat so I would like to be on a canal a few minutes from the ocean”
Randall Vickery New Jersey shore rat
“ I love the water! ”
Susan Attia Water lover
“ Very tough to choose just one. I love taking Kai, my Golden Retriever, to the Cape Henlopen State Park beach and letting her play in the ocean and sand. Especially in the winter you'll get those warm spells and most of the time we're the only people in sight. ”
Josh Hay Beach Bum
“I love everything about de its peaceful n I love the water looking for my dream place for life”
kenneth parker looking for my dream place in de
“low taxes”
Mozella etc
“I have traveled a great deal in this country and internationally - and each time I am glad when I see the Delaware sign indicating I am home. Opportunities to be active in volunteerism abound. My favorite is the Delaware Lions. They work hard to provide sight and hearing equipment, testing and research for the people of the world.”
Mary Lee Phillips Delaware native
“ I love the beach, I love the atmosphere and friendly people. Even after 6 years of living in DE I still find that I have times that I have to pinch myself and say, "this is home, I don't have to leave" !! In addition to the beach my husband and I love to kayak and there are so many gorgeous bays and parks in DE. ”
Cindy Jenne Delaware homeowner
“Rights in the middle on the east coast.”
Gary Huff No
“I visit family in Bear.”
Nancy Shaw Love the beach
“I love swimming in the ocean.”
Bill Neidermeyer Swimmer
“I am still deciding”
Heriberto Collazo Looking 2 move 2 a beach town in Del.
“ I love boating in the canals and bays in Delaware. It's a part of Delaware that many people never see that is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. On weekends in the summer, my wife, kids, and I take our boat down the canal from Lewes into the Rehoboth Bay and just go exploring all the areas of the Bay and canals that branch off the bays. It really is a special part of Delaware that many people never get to experience because they just don't know what they're missing. ”
Chris Schell Local
“like lower tax and is affordable to live comfortable”
Joe Pierro beach person
“close enough to see family in NY”
Jo-Anne Walsh beach
Diane Azizi Nurse
“proximity to NY”
Jeanne Nalaskowski beach lover
“close to NY”
Richard McCurry beach lover
“I don't know much right now I'll have to bone up, online.”
Ed Beach lover!
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“Beaches & weather”
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