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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“small towns, beaches”
elizabeth callanan beach lover
“ The wonderful array of farmers markets that have sprung up over the last 6 years, bringing fresh local produce to our area and creating a real sense of community at the markets. ”
Sharon Dardine beach lover and foodie
Mirna Rucci None
“tax treatment”
Ann soon to be retiree
“low property taxes, affordable holmes, low social security tax. etc”
michael cmielewski 58 year old looking at retiring in delaware
“low cost to live & taxes”
scott retired
“The people are helpful and pleasant And so very nice and cheerful!!”
Lorraine Maass My son lives in Claymont DE.
“ Golf on one of many Championship golf courses, followed by beautiful beaches then dinner in one of our many wonderful restaurants... not a bad day! There are so many different things to do that everyday could be like a vacation. ”
Brian Barrows Local
“what I have yet to discover”
Patti Beach hopeful
“close proximity to NY, NJ and Maryland”
Trevor J Thompson an Artist
“like lower tax and is affordable to live comfortable”
Joe Pierro beach person
“ I love boating in the canals and bays in Delaware. It's a part of Delaware that many people never see that is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. On weekends in the summer, my wife, kids, and I take our boat down the canal from Lewes into the Rehoboth Bay and just go exploring all the areas of the Bay and canals that branch off the bays. It really is a special part of Delaware that many people never get to experience because they just don't know what they're missing. ”
Chris Schell Local
“Low taxes, warmer weather, ocean”
Margaret Cavallo Beach lover
“We left the DC metro area after nine years to return to my wife's home state. Our main reason was to improve the quality of life for our young kids as they grow up. I could not imagine how overwhelmingly happy we could be with our move. We left a place on a map and moved to a community. We love the people, the beach, the state parks, the thriving restaurant scene... There isn't enough room on this page to cover the bases. We're close enough to DC/Baltimore/Philly but far enough from the craziness. Without a doubt, we cannot imagine a better place to be.”
Phil Hagen Very fortunate DE transplant
“ I love the beach, I love the atmosphere and friendly people. Even after 6 years of living in DE I still find that I have times that I have to pinch myself and say, "this is home, I don't have to leave" !! In addition to the beach my husband and I love to kayak and there are so many gorgeous bays and parks in DE. ”
Cindy Jenne Delaware homeowner
“Proximity to DC and water”
Ashok Agrawal relaxed living
“ I love the water! ”
Susan Attia Water lover
“ Coastal Delaware has an indescribable uniqueness not found anywhere else. I know, I've looked elsewhere and my heart always returns to Lewes and Rehoboth. Quaint scenery, sense of place, great people, and a vibrant resort-scene. What more could you want? ”
Bill Skelton Displaced local longing for home
“low taxes”
Mozella etc