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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“it is the first state”
john dozier I love the beach
“ Very tough to choose just one. I love taking Kai, my Golden Retriever, to the Cape Henlopen State Park beach and letting her play in the ocean and sand. Especially in the winter you'll get those warm spells and most of the time we're the only people in sight. ”
Josh Hay Beach Bum
“ Coastal Delaware has an indescribable uniqueness not found anywhere else. I know, I've looked elsewhere and my heart always returns to Lewes and Rehoboth. Quaint scenery, sense of place, great people, and a vibrant resort-scene. What more could you want? ”
Bill Skelton Displaced local longing for home
“I don’t know”
Ann O’Neill Outdoor water person
“close proximity to NY, NJ and Maryland”
Trevor J Thompson an Artist
Patricia zaniewski Never been there
“ Last week my husband and I went to Dover for 2 days and stayed at the Dover Downs Hotel. We absolutely loved it. That was our first time in Delaware. And let me say that although I am not ready to retire, when the time comes, Delaware will be my first consideration! ”
Deb Visitor to Delaware from Northern VA
“The fresh clean air, the ocean views, the great hospital (Bee Bee Medical, and Dr's.. The friendly people you meet from all over. I live in MD and the taxes are unreal. So yes Delaware is a great place to live.Carol”
Carol. Native of Delaware and hope to retire back in Delaware.
“like lower tax and is affordable to live comfortable”
Joe Pierro beach person
“ The wonderful array of farmers markets that have sprung up over the last 6 years, bringing fresh local produce to our area and creating a real sense of community at the markets. ”
Sharon Dardine beach lover and foodie
“ Liz and I moved from Maryland and, for us, retirement began in Delaware. We quickly realized that we didn't retire from something, but rather had a beautiful place to retire to--DELAWARE! Our nearly 2 years in Delaware have us working at living! We made a retirement plan and are living that plan in gorgeous, beautiful, and fulfilling Delaware! ”
Bob Scannell Homeowner at Independence
“the location to NY/NJ and Washington, DC. and the ocean.”
don engel Native New Yorker
“ The best thing about Delaware is the people – the beach brings out the kid in everyone. ”
Debby Coughlan Lover of Laughter
Florence Robinson I like. Live to delawere
“what I have yet to discover”
Patti Beach hopeful
“close to NY”
Richard McCurry beach lover
“I visit family in Bear.”
Nancy Shaw Love the beach
“ I love the ocean, the seafood, the drinks, the tax-free shopping, the boardwalk smell outside your door steps, the running parks, the year-round locals feeling... the everything! ”
Michelle Capaldi Forever Delawarian Beach Girl
Joseph Bu IAM A NJ
Mirna Rucci None