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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“ I can't think of ONE thing I love about DE. There are way too many!!! I love the small town atmosphere of living at the beach, knowing everyone, the beach, the walking, the biking, the golf, the kayaking, the food, the people, and did I mention the food??? I wake up and say "just pinch me, this is too good!!!" ”
Ann Cunningham back in DE
“Looking for nice place to move, currently living in New York's Hudson Valley!”
Jorge Olivari Love to go bicycle riding
“We are looking to relocate. And we have always liked Delware”
Sandra Littzi Retired
“ I love the beach! ”
Susan Gigon Retired
“Low taxes”
Werner Bantin Ocean Loverl
“No sales tax ,less crowds at south eastern beaches. I am looking for a bldg lot or home near the water or on a lagoon.I have a 24 foot Grady white fishing boat so I would like to be on a canal a few minutes from the ocean”
Randall Vickery New Jersey shore rat
Patricia zaniewski Never been there
“ We had been vacationing in DE for many years. I knew this was the place to retire for me and my wife. The people here are very friendly. The beaches are incredibility beautiful. The restaurants are awesome. There is so much to enjoy here. And knowing we are still only 4 hrs from our friends back in NY is a huge plus. ”
John Hein Soon to Retire. Transplant from Long Island
“close enough to see family in NY”
Jo-Anne Walsh beach
“After retirement, you have to start doing things for yourself and I can say that moving to Delaware is one of the best things I’ve ever done – for me. In our community, we celebrate everything for everybody: birthdays, anniversaries, or hey, it’s Tuesday, let’s get together. I’ve made a whole family of friends here.”
Lynn Blaney Independence homeowner
“close to NY”
Richard McCurry beach lover
“Ocean views and bumming around”
James Beach bum
“Looking for suggestions on where to retire in Delaware and more about the tax ramifications. Re: Social security and pension withdrawals. No State tax but still taxed by the Feds? If I buy a retirement home is there any real estate taxes on the purchase or yearly property taxes after that?Thank you.”
Ed Some who will retire in the next year. 64 now, Divorced W/M
“property taxes are lowr”
marlem tomasulo retired teacher
“ I love boating in the canals and bays in Delaware. It's a part of Delaware that many people never see that is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. On weekends in the summer, my wife, kids, and I take our boat down the canal from Lewes into the Rehoboth Bay and just go exploring all the areas of the Bay and canals that branch off the bays. It really is a special part of Delaware that many people never get to experience because they just don't know what they're missing. ”
Chris Schell Local
Tom Woodw Beach bum
“ I love jogging in the State Parks in Delaware. There are some great trails in the Cape Henlopen State Park for runners. There's also the Junction and Breakwater trail between Lewes and Rehoboth that is beautiful and soft on the knees. My favorite is the running trail around Gordon's Pond in North Rehoboth. It's absolutely amazing back there. ”
Chris Schell Local
“ There is so much that I love about living here. One of my favorite things to do here is head south to Dewey Beach (Tower Road) in the late afternoon with friends and enjoy the afternoon breeze on the bay. The sunsets are spectacular there. It's the perfect place for a late afternoon cookout and happy hour. ”
Christina Harvey Lover of sunsets
“ The best thing about Delaware is the people – the beach brings out the kid in everyone. ”
Debby Coughlan Lover of Laughter
“Beaches, location”
Joan Beach lover