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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“I love everything about de its peaceful n I love the water looking for my dream place for life”
kenneth parker looking for my dream place in de
“Delaware seems to have the "slowed down lifestyle" I'm looking for.”
Gail Hogentogler beach lover and walker
“Where do I start? Fresh air, clean waterways, beautiful sunsets, lovely communities, clean...did I say clean?”
Sue Been here for years!
“I don’t know”
Ann O’Neill Outdoor water person
“Tax free shopping and the water.”
Hildegard looking to move to Delaware
“ I can't think of ONE thing I love about DE. There are way too many!!! I love the small town atmosphere of living at the beach, knowing everyone, the beach, the walking, the biking, the golf, the kayaking, the food, the people, and did I mention the food??? I wake up and say "just pinch me, this is too good!!!" ”
Ann Cunningham back in DE
“ No taxes! ”
Dan McGonigle Retiree
“ I love fishing and the Delaware beaches. ”
George Price Delaware visitor
Mirna Rucci None
“low property taxes, affordable holmes, low social security tax. etc”
michael cmielewski 58 year old looking at retiring in delaware
“ We had been vacationing in DE for many years. I knew this was the place to retire for me and my wife. The people here are very friendly. The beaches are incredibility beautiful. The restaurants are awesome. There is so much to enjoy here. And knowing we are still only 4 hrs from our friends back in NY is a huge plus. ”
John Hein Soon to Retire. Transplant from Long Island
“Been coming down to DE for years. It has so much to offer. Beautiful clean beaches, fabulous restaurants, quaint towns, fantastic shopping, beautiful year round temps for change of season fun. Numerous festivals year round. We now have owned our home here for 6 years and still feel as we are on vacation everyday! I HEART DE !!!”
Ann Retired Beachlovin PA transplant.
“their low taxes and affordability”
Kathleen Hamberger retiree looking for over 55 NEW construction
“The neighborhood and tax free state.”
George Voelpel New Yorker looking to retire
“Like being able to talk walks on sidewalks and be able to walk to a café, not too far from beach and dog friendly area. Considering retiring in a couple of years.”
MARY ANNE JORAY looking for warmer climate, less snow than Connecticut
“interested in low retirement taxes”
blutman sports fan, researcher, , close to MD and Philadelphia
“ As a child, going to the beach for the day was the best thing ever. Imagine living in your favorite vacation spot all year. Summer or winter, beach life is the best! ”
Melissa O'Neill Flip-flop wearer
“I love the beach, crabs, and shopping.”
Nick Nasare Sun person
“ I always said I'd retire at the beach; I never knew I'd be so lucky as to start my career here right out of college. Six years later, I still have trouble believing that "vacation" is daily life for us! I feel very spoiled to have the ocean and beaches at our disposal everyday, not to mention all of the other recreational, historical and resort attractions. And I love that it's an easy commute to a number of cool major cities! Delaware packs a lot of punch into a small package. ”
Jamie Hudson Former college recruit. Now DE lifer!
“ I love the way the shore lifestyle can transform someone from a "Battle-Hardened", corporatized tough-guy to a fun-loving, deep-breath taking, and enjoyable person who takes pride in calling everyone they meet by their first name! The Ocean has that affect on people! ”
Dan Kauffman Army Vet from Northern Virginia