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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“property taxes are lowr”
marlem tomasulo retired teacher
“ Very tough to choose just one. I love taking Kai, my Golden Retriever, to the Cape Henlopen State Park beach and letting her play in the ocean and sand. Especially in the winter you'll get those warm spells and most of the time we're the only people in sight. ”
Josh Hay Beach Bum
“Delaware seems to have the "slowed down lifestyle" I'm looking for.”
Gail Hogentogler beach lover and walker
“ We have everything you could ever dream of to do here year round ~ Film Festival, Kite Festival, Seawitch Festival, Coast Day, Autumn Jazz Festival and it all begins and ends with the ocean as our horizon and our center. And when I get the itch to feel "the big city"...I have four of the best choices in the world within a 2 to 4 hour drive (Philly,Baltimore,DC & NYC). What better location could there be on the East Coast? ”
Jenn Barrows New York ~ Blue Hen ~ Sussex Countian
Mirna Rucci None
“ Coastal Delaware has an indescribable uniqueness not found anywhere else. I know, I've looked elsewhere and my heart always returns to Lewes and Rehoboth. Quaint scenery, sense of place, great people, and a vibrant resort-scene. What more could you want? ”
Bill Skelton Displaced local longing for home
“ Love Long Neck area, especially Pot-Nets and White House Beach! ”
Susan Real Estate Agent
“Not south or north just in the middle”
Bruce IBartlett Looking for a great place
“ There is so much that I love about living here. One of my favorite things to do here is head south to Dewey Beach (Tower Road) in the late afternoon with friends and enjoy the afternoon breeze on the bay. The sunsets are spectacular there. It's the perfect place for a late afternoon cookout and happy hour. ”
Christina Harvey Lover of sunsets
“Beaches, location”
Joan Beach lover
“ I love jogging in the State Parks in Delaware. There are some great trails in the Cape Henlopen State Park for runners. There's also the Junction and Breakwater trail between Lewes and Rehoboth that is beautiful and soft on the knees. My favorite is the running trail around Gordon's Pond in North Rehoboth. It's absolutely amazing back there. ”
Chris Schell Local
“Not familiar with DE”
ANTHONY CREWS 65, single, disable veteran try to relocate to DE.
“their low taxes and affordability”
Kathleen Hamberger retiree looking for over 55 NEW construction
“ Love the beach. ”
John Fischer Planing to retire in Lewes
“ As a child, going to the beach for the day was the best thing ever. Imagine living in your favorite vacation spot all year. Summer or winter, beach life is the best! ”
Melissa O'Neill Flip-flop wearer
“ It is close to New Jersey where our family is and it has many perks to retire. We are also interested in an area that has activites that compare to New Jersey. ”
Renee Cuthbert Beacher, runner, golfer
“I always loved Delaware,the states is so clean and lots of greenery,the best of both worlds,away from the hustle and bustlying of the city.I wish I could afford a gettaway place there. :)”
AnnWhite beach runner
“Been coming down to DE for years. It has so much to offer. Beautiful clean beaches, fabulous restaurants, quaint towns, fantastic shopping, beautiful year round temps for change of season fun. Numerous festivals year round. We now have owned our home here for 6 years and still feel as we are on vacation everyday! I HEART DE !!!”
Ann Retired Beachlovin PA transplant.
“My husband and I are starting to look to retire to delaware.We are not so much beach people but love the low cost of living, super nice people, proximity to family and climate.What more can you ask for coming from New York.Looking in Kent county.”
Barbara Retiree
“It is a Beautiful place. The city is full of tall buildings but there are so many hills and lovely streams. Rehobeth Beach is one of my favorite places to visit. People are so friendly and there is so much to do and see. Driving throughout the area is a favorite thing. Stopping and exploring is fun to do. Never knew I would enjoy visiting Delaware as much as I did. I am ready to go for another visit and stay.”
Rhona Creel Davis Beach Walker.....I love swimming and living on the beach. Looking out over the water is so soothing and relaxing and so very peaceful and inspiring.