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What People Say: Tell us what you love About Delaware

Love the First State?

Share something great about Delaware with us so we can share it with the world. We’re looking to uncover a few more hidden gems.

“ I can hear the seagulls when I work and I am never more than 10 minutes from water. ”
Susan Pomerantz 10-year Delawarean
“small towns, beaches”
elizabeth callanan beach lover
“ Love the beach. ”
John Fischer Planing to retire in Lewes
“ For years, I went to the Jersey Shore...but it cannot compare to Delaware's quality of life: low taxes, great parks, beaches and golf courses, and thriving arts and restaurant scene. And if you think of something you really just hop on the ferry. The Delaware beaches are truly in the middle of it all! ”
Scott Green UD/AU grad, former Shore, now Beach resident
“The stores the farmland country roadside beaches Lakes great scenery what I love about Delaware”
Jason Blakeney Delaware native
“ I love jogging in the State Parks in Delaware. There are some great trails in the Cape Henlopen State Park for runners. There's also the Junction and Breakwater trail between Lewes and Rehoboth that is beautiful and soft on the knees. My favorite is the running trail around Gordon's Pond in North Rehoboth. It's absolutely amazing back there. ”
Chris Schell Local
“Low taxes”
Werner Bantin Ocean Loverl
“ The pace of life. As I travel FROM the Wash beltway across the Bay Bridge, I get to the top of the bridge, see the eastern shore and take a big sigh of relief! I know I'll be home (Ocean View) in 1 1/2 hours. Sweet. ”
Jeff Bond transplant from Bethesda, MD since 1993
“ As a child, going to the beach for the day was the best thing ever. Imagine living in your favorite vacation spot all year. Summer or winter, beach life is the best! ”
Melissa O'Neill Flip-flop wearer
“Been coming down to DE for years. It has so much to offer. Beautiful clean beaches, fabulous restaurants, quaint towns, fantastic shopping, beautiful year round temps for change of season fun. Numerous festivals year round. We now have owned our home here for 6 years and still feel as we are on vacation everyday! I HEART DE !!!”
Ann Retired Beachlovin PA transplant.
“Tax breaks”
Viki Lastrina Beach lover
“Beaches, location”
Joan Beach lover
“ I love the LOW taxes and quietness of the state. ”
Patricia I like to walk for hours and look at nature.
“ I love the slower pace than that of NJ...the people here are so welcoming. Have been here 16 years and don't look back a day! Moved from the mountains and yes I miss them but the trade-off is our wonderfully clean and beautiful white sandy beaches on the DE bay and the Atlantic ocean! Life is good in Sussex County!! ”
Jennifer Nagle transplant from NJ
“After retirement, you have to start doing things for yourself and I can say that moving to Delaware is one of the best things I’ve ever done – for me. In our community, we celebrate everything for everybody: birthdays, anniversaries, or hey, it’s Tuesday, let’s get together. I’ve made a whole family of friends here.”
Lynn Blaney Independence homeowner
“ I love the water! ”
Susan Attia Water lover
“ It is close to New Jersey where our family is and it has many perks to retire. We are also interested in an area that has activites that compare to New Jersey. ”
Renee Cuthbert Beacher, runner, golfer
“No sales tax ,less crowds at south eastern beaches. I am looking for a bldg lot or home near the water or on a lagoon.I have a 24 foot Grady white fishing boat so I would like to be on a canal a few minutes from the ocean”
Randall Vickery New Jersey shore rat
“close to NY”
Richard McCurry beach lover
“Low taxes, warmer weather, ocean”
Margaret Cavallo Beach lover